A MAN who had to borrow money from his mother to fix a wall has slammed a housing association for not helping him. 

Robert Stinton, of Powick, lives in a property rented from Platform Housing, and says the housing association has not repaired his garden wall despite him waiting since February.

Mr Stinton has a variety of medical conditions, including asthma, pins in his knee due to a motorcycle crash, PTSD and he suffers with migraines.

He is also concerned that his dogs will escape through the gaps left by the damaged wall.

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Mr Stinton said: "I have had to borrow £600 from my mother to buy fencing panels and equipment to temporarily fix it myself. 

"I even had to break a table that we had to cover a gap in the fence where the dogs could jump out from.

"I am just shocked that nobody has called us about this because they know it is an issue. It is ridiculous."

Worcester News: The table Mr Stinton used to fill one of the gaps so his dogs would not escape.The table Mr Stinton used to fill one of the gaps so his dogs would not escape. (Image: Robert Stinton)

Pictures taken by Mr Stinton show the broken wall and the fencing panels that have been put up to counteract the damage.

He said: "My wall was damaged by frost and became extremely crumbly and damaged which I was concerned about because I have two dogs.

"I contacted Platform Housing and they came out two or three days later and made the wall safe and I was told that at some point it would be repaired.

"That was back in February and we are now in May and it is still not fixed."

A spokesperson for Platform Housing said the work will be scheduled but will not take priority over other jobs.

They said: "The wall has been made safe – whilst we appreciate the inconvenience to Mr Stinton, there is no risk to Mr Stinton or the public. 

"We will be rebuilding the top of the wall to restore it to its previous height. 

"This work will be scheduled asap but will not take precedence over more urgent work."

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Mr Stinton previously contacted the Worcester News last year, claiming the ceiling in his house has fallen through due to water damage caused by vermin in the roof.