A FREEZER and a bathtub are among the items caught up in a large build-up of debris next to a historic bridge near Worcester.

Powick Old Bridge has been branded a mess after colossal mounds of driftwood, including whole tree trunks, have floated up the River Teme and been caught at the bridge.

Stuck among the logs are household items like a freezer, a bathtub and several bottles and food packets.

Worcester News: STUCK: A bathtub is wedged in between the debris.STUCK: A bathtub is wedged in between the debris. (Image: NQ)

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An Environment Agency spokesperson said it is aware of the debris but it is the owner of the embankment who is responsible for clearing the mess.

The spokesperson said: “We are aware of debris around Powick Bridge, and we have been working with Worcestershire County Council to remove the debris.

"It is the riparian owner who is responsible for clearing the debris, so they will be able to provide a timeframe on when it will be cleared."

They added that the agency regularly clears debris from around the bridge to improve the flow of the River Teme, which they do as part of flood risk management work.

Debris around the bridge can be difficult to remove in the spawning season - between October to July - without disturbing sediment which impacts upon any gravels downstream, which would be an offence under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act.

This is not the first time the bridge has had to be cleared of rubbish and debris.

In August last year, a boat crew and heavy-duty tractor with a winch worked round the clock to clear a massive dam of dead wood clogging up a river.

The work was carried out to improve the river’s flow and reduce flood risk for nearby communities during last year's autumn and winter months.

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Worcester News: WORK: A boat was used in the operation to clear flood debris from the River Teme near the Powick Old Bridge. WORK: A boat was used in the operation to clear flood debris from the River Teme near the Powick Old Bridge. (Image: Barry Killner (Environment Agency) via Twitter @BarryKillnerEA)

The historic bridge was the site of the first skirmish of the English Civil War as tensions boiled over between King Charles I and Parliament.

For many, the bridge is an enduring symbol of the city's rich Civil War heritage during one of the bloodiest chapters in English and British history.

Worcester played a pivotal role in the conflict between the 'Cavaliers' and the 'Roundheads', taking centre stage for the first skirmish of the war at Powick Bridge on September 23, 1642, and the last battle on September 3, 1651.

Paul Harding of Discover History, who organises Worcester walking tours of the city battlefields, previously spoke of his concern about the pressure the debris might exert on the bridge's stonework.

Mr Harding said: "A large build-up on a shallow river could divert the water into farmland or put great pressure on the stonework of this important bridge."