THE jury heard a mum accused of murder told police she was "scared" her co-accused would hit her.

Alfie Steele's mother, Carla Scott, 35, and partner Dirk Howell, 41, are both accused of the murder of nine-year-old Alfie Steele. 

In police interviews on February 19, 2021 - the day after Alfie died - Scott told police she ran a bath for Alfie and went downstairs to get towels. 

When returning to the bathroom Scott saw Alfie was in the bath. 

"It was like he was asleep," Scott said. 

Worcester News: BOY: Alfie SteeleBOY: Alfie Steele

"I could see he was not breathing, I carried him out."

After calling 999, Scott carried out CPR before paramedics arrived at the family home in Vashon Drive, Droitwich. 

During the initial interviews, Scott was asked who was at the home at the time and she failed to mention Howell had been there. 

But at the start of an interview on March 9, her solicitor indicated Scott wanted to say something. 

"He was at the address in the morning," Scott admitted. 

"He arrived at 9pm (the day before) and stopped over."

Scott said Howell had been present in the house when Alfie had been in the bath and she had taken the child to her bedroom - where he had been at the time. 

Scott said Howell asked, "What is up?", Scott replying Alfie was not breathing. Howell suggested calling 999, she said. 

Worcester News: TRIAL: Carla ScottTRIAL: Carla Scott

"When I called them that's when Dean went," Scott told police. 

"I was in a state of shock, I didn't really think about Dean just leaving."

Asked why she had not told an officer Howell was there Scott replied: "I panicked."

In earlier interviews, Scott denied either she or Howell used physical discipline on Alfie. 

But in a later interview, she described finding Alfie crying with Howell holding a belt five days before Alfie's death.

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Scott said Howell claimed he was putting it round his waist at the time and when she asked Alfie what had happened he went quiet. 

Scott told police she didn't push further, fearing Howell was going to hit her with the belt. 

Scott answered "no comment" to all police questions in her final two interviews.

At the start of Howell's first interview, his solicitor read out a prepared statement which said: "I, Dirk Howell, wish to confirm that I had no involvement and did not contribute to Alfie Steele’s death.

Worcester News: TRIAL: Dirk HowellTRIAL: Dirk Howell

"I do not wish to add anything else and will not be answering police questions."

The jury heard Howell remained silent throughout interviews that took place in March and September of that year.

Howell, of Princip Street, Birmingham, has previously admitted child cruelty against other children but denies murder, manslaughter, cruelty or causing or allowing the death of Alfie.

Carla Scott denies murder, manslaughter, causing or allowing the death of Alfie and child cruelty offences against Alfie and other children.

The trial continues.