A 44-YEAR-old persistent offender told magistrates "Till the next time" at the end of his latest case. 

As previously reported Justin Wynn was jailed in a crime spree in April before returning to Worcester Magistrates Court last month to admit public order offences. 

Wynn appeared by videolink wearing a blue t-shirt to the court on Thursday (June 1) admitting criminal damage.

Melanie Winterflood, prosecuting, said Wynn had been arrested on other matters and was in a police van when he was being transported on December 16 last year. 

Worcester News: COURT: Justin Wynn has been back before Worcester magistratesCOURT: Justin Wynn has been back before Worcester magistrates

The prosecutor said Wynn was being taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital for a self-inflicted head injury and, while outside waiting to be taken in, Wynn had become agitated. 

"He was shouting and swearing," the prosecutor said before he kicked the perspex screen of the van's cage smashing it. 

Miss Winterflood said Wynn's criminal record was "fairly lengthy" explaining this year alone he had been in court for theft, criminal damage, battery and breaching a criminal behaviour order. 

Worcester News: COURT: Justin Wynn has appeared at Worcester Magistrates CourtCOURT: Justin Wynn has appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court

Wynn was jailed in April for the crime spree which included criminal damage in which he set off a fire extinguisher in Mother Hubbard's Fish and Chip shop. 

The prosecutor added it was a matter for the magistrates to decide whether to order compensation as it was covered by West Mercia Police's insurance. 

Dean Hicks, defending, said at the time of the offence Wynn had "hit the bottle" after a long relationship (with Victoria Biddle) had broken up. 

The solicitor said: "He (Wynn) became very emotional as he had banged his head.

"He was taken from custody to hospital. 

"It was freezing cold, he needed to go to the toilet. 

Worcester News: JAIL: Justin Wynn appeared on videolink from HMP HewellJAIL: Justin Wynn appeared on videolink from HMP Hewell

"He is very sorry for taking out his frustration.

"He does express his remorse, he regrets his actions."

Mr Hicks also questioned why the offence had not previously been tied up with the previous cases Wynn had recently faced. 

While magistrates were deliberating their sentence Wynn said: "Are the newspapers there?" before he started whistling to himself. 

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Susan Dowty, chairman of the magistrates bench, told Wynn he would be given a compensation order to pay £350 to the West Mercia Police. 

No order for costs or victim surcharge was made. 

Wynn was told the £350 would be added to the outstanding money he owes the courts. 

Wynn said he only owed £26 before the court clerk corrected him saying it was in fact hundreds of pounds. 

After being told his case was over Wynn said: "Till the next time" as he left the video booth at HMP Hewell prison.