A LABOUR landslide would be seen in Worcester if a general election were to be held tomorrow according to a political forecasting website.

Electoral Calculus is predicting the Labour Party would see a landslide victory in Worcester across 15 political wards in Worcester.

The numbers shown are the best estimates for these figures but are not official.

In the 2019 general election, the Labour Party had just five wards in Worcester under majority control, which were Arboretum, Nunnery, Rainbow Hill, St John's and Warndon.

The website uses the electorate figures for Worcester from the 2019 general election (73,485) to predict the outcome.

Worcester News: Electoral Calculus is predicting a Labour landslide across all political wards in Worcester.Electoral Calculus is predicting a Labour landslide across all political wards in Worcester. (Image: Electoral Calculus)

Last month, Labour became the biggest party on the city council after the Tories lost seven seats.

There were 13 Labour councillors elected, 10 Green Party Councillors, eight Conservative councillors and four Liberal Democrats.

Not a Surprise

Tom Collins is the Labour Party candidate for Worcester and said he was not surprised to see the predicted results.

He said: "What people are telling me is that they are fed up.

"They’ve had enough of uncaring, incompetent, dishonest and divisive politics. And the cost of living is really hurting people.

"I’m a dad, an engineer and a leader in industry. I stepped up for election because I wanted to see politics done better.

"I think Worcester finally deserves a decent local MP who is really part of our city and has a vision for it.

"I’d encourage readers to use their vote. There is hope and now is the time for all of us to step up and bring that change."

Robin Walker, MP for Worcester, has held his seat since 2010, being elected four times.

However, he announced earlier this year that he would not be standing again at the next general election.

Still Confident

Mr Walker said he took these predictions with a pinch of salt as the same website predicted he would lose in both 2015 and 2017.

"I think that the recent local election results, tough as they were for my own party, show that there is little enthusiasm for Labour as an alternative and that a number of people were voting a plague on all the major parties by going to the greens or liberals.

"For a party that has been in power for thirteen years to be behind in the polls mid-term is not unusual but we are only a few percentage points behind Labour in the local vote share, a deficit which can easily be made up.

“I am confident that, with the strong team you have in place locally and the excellent talent in the party, you will be able to find a strong candidate and, with our party leadership in excellent hands, the team will be able to secure a fifth consecutive Conservative victory in Worcester.”