THE closing address of a barrister defending a man accused of murder said the defendant was not "a nice man - but that didn't mean Dirk Howell is guilty". 

Closing speeches have concluded in the murder trial of Alfie Steele which has been taking place at Coventry Crown Court. 

Howell, 41, and Alfie's mum Carla Scott, 35, are both accused of murdering the child at the family home in Vashon Drive on February 18, 2021. 

Alistair Williamson KC, for Howell, started his speech on Thursday, (June 8), by saying: "There is something rotten at the heart of the prosecution's case. 

Worcester News: TRIAL: Dirk HowellTRIAL: Dirk Howell (Image: West Mercia Police)

"You cannot ignore it, you must not ignore it because justice is difficult. 

"It involves people like him that are not very nice - but it doesn't mean he is guilty."

Mr Williamson highlighted inconsistencies in the prosecution's case, going through the evidence the jury heard during the five-week trial.

He said, despite the prosecution saying there was "nothing to see here", there was a possibility Alfie had an epileptic fit with led to his death. 

Worcester News: TRIAL: The Alfie Steele murder trial has been held at Coventry Crown CourtTRIAL: The Alfie Steele murder trial has been held at Coventry Crown Court (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

Mr Williamson said fits were "not like the movies" with rolling around and frothing at the mouth adding the science of the possibility could not be ignored.

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Mr Williamson also said injuries on Alfie's body: "May show you Dirk Howell is a nasty man, cruel to children - they don't show how Alfie's died."

The jury had earlier heard Howell left the home before paramedics arrived, later being arrested at Droitwich Railway Station.

Worcester News: TRIAL: Carla ScottTRIAL: Carla Scott (Image: SWNS/West Mercia Police)

"He ran from the scene - of course he did," Mr Williamson said.

"Wouldn't you if you are him? He doesn't like the authorities.

"Perhaps he suspected he is a dog with a bad name and he would be hanged."

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Later His Honourable Judge Mark Wall KC began summing up the case. 

The judge previously indicated to the jury there is a chance they may retire on Friday to begin deliberations.

Howell, of Princip Street, Birmingham, previously admitted child cruelty against other children but denies murder, manslaughter, cruelty or causing or allowing the death of Alfie.

Carla Scott, 35, denies murder, manslaughter, causing or allowing the death of Alfie and child cruelty offences against Alfie and other children.

The trial continues.