A CAR crash closed a busy road in Worcester - with residents saying multiple police officers were at the scene 'in seconds.'

Neighbours said they saw about four unmarked police cars and one marked police car block off Astwood Road, which was shut yesterday evening (Saturday) after a crash between two cars.

Eyewitnesses said the police were armed.

One neighbour said four unmarked police cars arrived in "what seemed like seconds."

Astwood Road was closed following the crash, which had caused heavy, slow-moving traffic for a number of hours, according to the AA. 

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According to neighbours, the crash happened between a car being driven on Astwood Road and another emerging from Field Road around 4pm on Saturday, June 11.

A resident said: "I heard a bang and thought it was next door hammering, and then I went upstairs, and there were loads of flashing lights."

One eyewitness said: "They (one of the cars involved) came up our road and realised it was a dead end and then drove back down the road.

"A family in the other car were a little shaken up. My wife helped them out.

"The family was shaken up and it looked like their car was written off."

A resident said they saw police talking to "three guys" who they believe were from one of the cars involved. However, West Mercia Police have been unable to confirm this.

One eyewitness spoke of their concern after hearing the crash.

They said: "We were putting the shopping in the house, and I watched the lady over the road cross the road with her grandchildren.

"I heard a noise and then heard screeching, and I thought, oh my life, they have been hit."

Fortunately, the woman and children were not hurt.

Two neighbours said they helped control the traffic in the aftermath of the crash.

At one point, they watched a bus try and do a three-point turn in the road. 

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One neighbour said a tow truck arrived hours after the crash to collect one of the remaining cars.

He said: "The tow truck was outside my house at about midnight. 

"All of (one of) the car's front wings were ripped off, and it was parked on the pavement."

Worcester News has contacted West Mercia Police, who have been unavailable to comment.