A shock recoupling took place on Love Island tonight (June 13), leaving the newest bombshells Charlotte and Leah in a tricky situation – but who are the single girls left vulnerable?

As the evening was winding down, all islanders were asked to gather around the firepit immediately.

With everyone in place, they learned: “Tonight there will be a recoupling where the boys will pick which girls they would like to couple up with. The girls not picked to be in a couple will be left single and vulnerable.”

As the girls stood together in front of the firepit, there was a surprise twist as Charlotte received a text.

It said: “Charlotte and Leah- as the newest arrivals, before the boys make any decisions you will choose who you’d like to couple up with first.”

Whitney put her hands to her face in disbelief as she gasped.

Who are the new couples on Love Island after latest recoupling and who is left single?

Leah had to go first and decided to couple up with Tyrique.

On explaining her choice, she said: “In the short space of time that I’ve been here I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him…after a few more conversations we might be able to build a good connection.”

Whitney whispered to Ella who was previously coupled up with him, saying: “Keep strong girl, don’t cry.”

Charlotte then chose Zacarahiah who shared a kiss with Molly earlier in the day.

The new couples are as follows:

  • André and Catherine
  • Mehdi and Whitney
  • Sammy and Jess
  • Mitchel and Molly
  • Leah and Tyrique
  • Charlotte and Zacarahiah

It means Ruchee and Ella are now left single and vulnerable with one of them at risk of being dumped from the island, with the islanders only able to save one girl.