A JUDGE blasted a pair for showing no remorse as he sentenced them for the killing of Alfie Steele. 

Dirk Howell, 41, of Princip Street, Birmingham, was jailed for life for murder with a minimum term of 32 years while Scott was jailed for 27 years, serving at least 17.

His Honourable Judge Mark Wall KC said Alfie had been subjected to repeated acts of "violence and cruelty".

"On the evidence I am sure that each of you took part in all of these activities," the judge said.

Worcester News: REMEMBERED: Alfie SteeleREMEMBERED: Alfie Steele (Image: West Mercia Police)

"This is not a case in which one of you meted out the cruelty while the other stood back. You each played an active part in this cruelty in all its forms.

"Some of your actions can only properly be described as sadistic.

"You have both refused to tell the truth about the day of Alfie’s death, preferring to lie to pretend that it was no more than a tragic accident and to cover up for one another rather than help this court or those who truly loved Alfie, such as his grandfather, to get to the truth of what happened.

"What is clear is that Alfie did not have the quiet death you tried to portray: a death in which he had an epileptic fit and gently fell asleep in the bath.

"His death was violent and brutal.

"Alfie tried to say “no”, called in vain for his grandfather to help him, and resisted getting into the bath. Maybe it was that sign of resistance which sealed his fate.

Worcester News: JAILED: Dirk HowellJAILED: Dirk Howell (Image: West Mercia Police)

"I am sure that he was struck repeatedly to the body and head.

"Alfie died either through drowning, concussive head trauma or mechanical asphyxia. The doctors could not determine which it was.

"Whatever the mechanics of his death, the true cause of his death was your cruel and unlawful conduct towards him.

"After the event you tried to cover up what you had done.

"His body was already cold when the police and paramedics arrived. I am sure that this was in part a result of his having died in a cold bath.

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"It was also due to your failing to call the authorities for some time after his death.

"Everything you (Scott) told the police about Howell’s involvement was lies. All designed to exonerate him. All told by you Ms Scott while your son lay dead before you.

"Neither of you have shown any remorse for your actions.

"You, Howell, are a cruel man with a fiery and, at times, uncontrollable temper.

"You are a bully. Coupled with that I am sure that you got pleasure from inflicting pain."

The judge said it was "revealing" Scott had maintained the relationship with Howell after he killed Alfie. 

Worcester News: JAILED: Carla ScottJAILED: Carla Scott (Image: West Mercia Police)

"It is a sure sign that you approved his actions," the judge said. 

"You (Scott) are the weaker in the couple and to an extent were led into acting as you did.

"But, having seen you at trial, I am sure that you were capable of standing up to him and chose not to do so with fatal results for your own child.

"There is nothing that this court can do to return Alfie to those who love him," the Judge added.

"All it can do is to punish those responsible for causing their loss."