A LITTER squad has slammed supermarket shoppers for their "laziness and sloppiness" after numerous trolleys were collected from the riverside. 

Droitwich Spa Litter Squad has spoken out over the hazard shopping trollies are having on the town's environment and are appealing for more to be done from the supermarkets on Kidderminster Road. 

The squad had spent, on one occasion, the whole morning collecting six trollies from the River Salwarpe and the King George V Playing Fields.

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Worcester News: DISCARDED: Some of the trollies found.DISCARDED: Some of the trollies found. (Image: Clive Shearman)


Clive Shearman, the squad's founder, said: "We are having real issues with shopping trolleys ending up in the local waterways due to the supermarkets not securing them.

"They are a costly item, but they take a whole morning for us to remove safely as you can only do it with the right kit and safety considerations.

"Shame on these supermarkets who again through their laziness and sloppiness of operation have provided the majority of this hazard to the environment."

Mr Shearman added the group had taken trolleys back to the supermarkets and had spoken to employees, but no action was being taken.

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Worcester News: The trollies were found just off Paddock Way.The trollies were found just off Paddock Way. (Image: Clive Shearman)

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear about this issue and would ask customers to return trolleys to the designated collection points available in our Kidderminster Road Store and car park when they have finished shopping. When trolleys are not returned, we work with our partners to collect them as quickly as possible.”

A spokesperson for Lidl added: "If you have an abandoned Lidl trolley on your property, we ask that you contact Trolley Wise directly to arrange collection by emailing them at trolleywise@wanzl.co.uk.

"If you discover a Lidl trolley, but this is not on your property please contact us here with the details of the location so we can arrange the collection."

Worcester News has contacted B&M for a comment and is awaiting a response.

The Droitwich Spa Litter Squad is now appealing to councillors again for help and a policy change regarding litter responsibilities which currently lie with the supermarkets. 

During one litter pick a Kwik Save trolly was found in Droitwich - the store closed in the area over 20-years-ago.