An entire generation has a chance to wallow in nostalgia when an exciting new exhibition 'I Grew Up 80s' arrives at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum next month.

Visitors can travel through the cultural landscape of a childhood spent in 1980s Britain – revisiting the vibrancy, quirkiness and innovation that defined the decade.

From Betamax to the BMX, the Rubik’s Cube to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the Thompson Twins to Transformers, more than 200 objects will inspire memories.

The exhibition will run from July 8 until September 9.

Collector and cultural commentator Matt Fox has devoted himself to exploring a 1980s childhood through the iconic objects of a decade in which so much changed.

Matt, who was aged eight in 1980, has carefully curated a time capsule of over two-hundred treasures that showcase the youthful exuberance of the much-loved decade.

Matt hopes the exhibition will have parents sharing memories and stories with their children.

He said: “Those that grew up 30-40 years ago pre-internet, in the 1980s, can genuinely state that life was very different then.

"In my view, the 80’s were a remarkable time to be a child.

"We roamed out on our bikes, away from our parents and without the umbilical cord of mobile phones.

"In cinemas Star Wars had ushered in a new era of special FX movies – perfect for us kids. "Music similarly was a feelgood riot of colour and sound.

"And televisions were no longer just for watching programmes like Grange Hill and The Young Ones - as games consoles and home computers transformed the humble telly into a host of imaginary worlds where children could play and explore.”

I Grew Up 80s showcases a wide array of wonderfully preserved objects and encompasses, toys, technology, sport, fashion, food, film, books, TV, and more.

Visitors can also dress up in bright 80s fashions for their selfies and play iconic 80s board games in the gallery.

To really get in the spirit visitors can purchase 80s Deely-boppers when they arrive.

Matt adds: “It’s a look back at objects that many people either owned or perhaps desperately wanted to!

"For example, you’ll see Dunlop Green Flash trainers alongside cool Adidas High Tops.

"Toys and electronic games that kids once poured longingly over in the Argos catalogue.

"Iconic albums you played to death on vinyl and cassette.

"Chocolate bars and candy that are no longer with us.

"Plus, some great examples of 80s excess like the Casio KX-101 ‘king of boomboxes’, neon leg warmers, and purple shell suits.”

Museum bosses say if you grew up in the 80s get ready to say “I remember that!” - and like Bill and Ted in their phone booth or Marty McFly in his DeLorean - let them take you on an adventure.

The exhibition opens on Saturday July 8 and admission is free.

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