An inspirational woman who lost her sight will be dressed in a funky Hawaiian outfit at Worcester Carnival to show that "life can still be bright".

Millie Hayter will join Sight Concern Worcestershire this Saturday at the Pitchcroft event to help raise awareness of sight loss and the help they offer to people across the county to continue to live an independent life.

Millie will join her friend Laura dressed in bright clothing with inflatable palm trees and dolphins at their stall - while also handing out goody bags and the chance for people to try on Sim Specs to see what living with sight loss is really like.

Millie, who bravely shared her story with the Worcester News, said: "I have always had some level of sight loss throughout my life.

"I was born with my right eye undeveloped, therefore I wear a prosthetic eye. My left eye also had sight loss conditions, such as coloboma, nystagmus and light sensitivity, along with many other conditions.

"As a child and teenager I was pretty independent, until the age of 19 when I developed a detached retina.

"The detached retina meant my sight dramatically worsened and I also became night blind, but I still managed to stay as independent as I could, qualifying as a gym instructor, personal trainer and sports massage therapist. I got involved in many sports such as Classical Japanese Ju Jutsu, judo, blind rugby and visually cricket.

"But, unfortunately in May of 2022 I suddenly lost my sight completely over the course of two weeks. Meaning I was and still am completely blind.

"I had many operations to try and save my sight during the second half of last year, but to no avail."

Although Millie praises the hospital for their support, it wasn't until she came across Sight Concern Worcestershire that they helped her life turn a corner.

"I genuinely cannot thank them enough," she said.

"They have helped me with finances ensuring I am receiving all the right benefits I need to be on, they are helping me get a smart cane to make life easier for me so I am able to be more independent and I have a liaison officer who helps to support me and checks in on me just to make sure I am ok.

"There is so much more they are doing for people and young children with sight loss, such as their befriending service, relaxation courses, physical activity sessions, IT support, as well as many other group activities.

"They also run a parent and baby and toddler group for parents who are blind and for parents with children who have sight loss."

Millie added: "Our Bright for Sight theme promotes the positivity of those of us who live with sight loss and that despite of the darkness we may face - the lives of those facing or living with sight loss can be and will be bright."

If you would like to know more about Sight Concern Worcestershire then pop by to see Millie and the team at the carnival. Or get in touch on 01905 723245 or by emailing

They also have news and updates on their Facebook page Sight Concern Worcestershire.