A 25-YEAR-old thief - the son of ‘lotto gran’ Susanne Hinte - tried to escape police chasing him by jumping into a canal, a court heard.

A magistrate told Brandon Scott they had been "extremely lenient" with him and warned he could go back to jail if he continued his criminal ways. 

Scott’s life spiralled into drug-taking and crime after his mum's death in August 2019.

The Worcester News has reported on his various court appearances since including in June last year when he was banned from shops to 'give them a break' from his constant shoplifting.

Worcester News: COURT: Brandon ScottCOURT: Brandon Scott (Image: West Mercia Police)

But Scott was back at Worcester Magistrates Court on Friday, (July 7), admitting four new thefts. 

In one Melanie Winterflood, prosecuting, said Scott cycled to TK Maxx and left his bike outside the High Street store.

She said Scott went in stealing £70 of clothes which he put inside a rucksack on May 19 this year. 

He then tried to steal trainers, wrapping foil around the security tag, before he was stopped by security at the door. 

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Despite recovering the trainers, staff did not realise Scott had clothes in the bag, and the defendant left on the bike. 

Miss Winterflood said: "There were unusual circumstances. 

"Police followed Mr Scott on his bike along City Walls Road. He tries to evade them.

"In James Close he jumped onto a canal boat then into the water, swimming across to the other side."

Worcester News: CANAL: The canal Scott swam in to try to escape police chasing himCANAL: The canal Scott swam in to try to escape police chasing him (Image: Google)

But, the prosecutor said, the escape had been unsuccessful as police caught up with him on a canal footpath.

The court heard Scott also stole:

  • Fragrances worth £326 from Boots on May 14.
  • £219 worth of fragrances from House of Fraser on May 15.
  • Toothbrush heads and fragrance, worth £103.99, from Boots on May 23.

Judith Kenney, defending, said Scott had a "chaotic lifestyle" including not having anywhere to live. 

"He is desperate to relinquish this addiction to drugs," Mrs Kenney said.

"He is positive (about drug rehabilitation). He thinks that will help him hugely."

Judith Hulland, chairman of the magistrates bench, fined Scott £40 and ordered he pay £114 victim surcharge. 

Scott, previously of Parlett's Way, Powick, near Worcester, was also given a one-year community order with a six-month drug rehabilitation requirement. 

Before Scott left the courtroom the chairman said: "Don't continue to shoplift. 

"We have been very lenient.

"If you shoplift again it could be a very different situation in the future in front of another bench."


Who was 'Lotto gran' Susanne Hinte?


Worcester News: 'LOTTO GRAN': Susanne Hinte'LOTTO GRAN': Susanne Hinte

Ms Hinte was given the Lotto Gran moniker in January 2016 after sending a lottery ticket to Camelot questioning whether she had won half of the National Lottery jackpot, worth £66m, claiming that the ticket had been damaged in her washing machine.

Ms Hinte died in August 2017, aged 49, following a suspected heart attack at her home in Borrowdale Drive, Worcester.