A FAMILY attacked by a dog killed it while trying to stop the animal from causing more injuries.

Three people were hurt in the attack - including the woman who suffered potentially life-changing injuries and who was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham yesterday morning. 

A man, aged 38, went to Worcestershire Royal Hospital with serious injuries, while a third man was hurt but did not want to go to hospital.

The dog was dead when officers arrived at the home in Boughton Avenue, St John's, Worcester. 

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "We can confirm that the dog died during the incident when the family were trying to stop it from harming the individuals and in the prevention of it causing any more injury."

A neighbour said they saw a man leave the house carrying a hammer before sinking to the floor in apparent 'relief' as police arrived on scene. 

The breed of the dog is still unknown while police await confirmation from a vet.