Two penguin chicks have been born at National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham and the new additions have a famous link.

The twin chicks are the babies of a penguin called Rosie who was named by ITV’s Lorraine Kelly after her own daughter.

This came after Lorraine featured an unlucky in love penguin called Prince back in 2019, with TV personality Jake Quickenden giving the solo male advice on how to find a mate. 

Following this, Prince paired with fellow Gentoo penguin Hyacinth and brought Rosie into the world on May 15, 2019.

Worcester News: Rosie and Sniffler welcomed Ant and Dec into the world in JuneRosie and Sniffler welcomed Ant and Dec into the world in June (Image: SEA LIFE Birmingham)

Two penguin chicks born at Birmingham’s SEA LIFE attraction

Rosie, the penguin named after Lorraine’s only daughter, went on to find Sniffler and the pair welcomed the two chicks last month.

The chicks were born on June 2, 2023 and weighed 96 grams and 101 grams as hatchlings.

However, the pair have since grown, with the help of lots of fish, and now weigh nearly 3kg each.

Lorraine Kelly names penguin chicks after TV presenter duo

Lorraine Kelly named the chicks Ant and Dec after the famous TV presenter duo during her live show last Thursday.

During the TV segment, Lorraine said: “I’ve been asked to come up with a name, so I can exclusively reveal that they have to be called Ant and Dec!

“Because Ant and Dec are really, really cute and gorgeous and lovely, and so are those penguin chicks.

“So welcome to the world Ant and Dec and I’ll come and see you soon.”

Worcester News: Rosie's chicks were born on June 2, 2023Rosie's chicks were born on June 2, 2023 (Image: SEA LIFE Birmingham)

Two more penguin couples, Flash and Madonna and Gordy and Sara, are welcoming new penguin chicks too, adding another four penguins to the SEA LIFE family.

The birth of these chicks are an important step in the site’s anti-climate-change efforts, SEA LIFE Birmingham said.

If you’d like to spot the penguin chicks, you can look out for the happy colony of Gentoo penguins in the new refreshed Penguin Ice Adventure habitat at SEA LIFE Birmingham.

You can find out more about the centre’s conservation efforts and book tickets to SEA LIFE Birmingham via the website.

Gentoo penguins are great ambassadors for all wildlife found on the Antarctic Peninsula, a location which is under great threat from climate change, microplastic pollution and the negative effects of human activity.

It is hoped that the new chicks will help support experts at SEA LIFE Birmingham in educating people about climate change and the importance of conservation.

Amy Langham, General Manager at National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham said: “The births of Ant and Dec and the other chicks has been a really exciting time for the entire team and all of our visitors and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our amazing animal care team.

“It is an honour to welcome and look after TV presenter Lorraine’s honorary penguin grand-chicks and we look forward to watching them grow even more under the watchful eye of their mum Rosie. 

“We’re passionate about raising awareness and taking steps against the issues faced by wild penguins, including climate change and declining numbers, and are proud to be doing exactly that with the help of our new chicks.”