Supermarket shelves are filled to the rim with endless fizzy drink options, from Pepsi, Fanta, Dr Pepper 7up, and many more.

But there is only one drink that is so iconic that not only does it have a dedicated fan base who spend their time collecting cans and bottles but even has an entire museum dedicated to it.

As Coca-Cola has become a global phenomenon with an estimated net worth of over $270 billion according to Forbes.

Being one of the first sugary fizzy drink’s on the market, Coca-Cola is in every supermarket around the world.

Although, being the first of its kind does give Coca-Cola the advantage of a higher price, seeing popular supermarket chains create their own inspired versions.

Worcester News: Cola Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world.Cola Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world. (Image: Getty)

The top leading brands including Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Marks and Spencer’s (M&S) are doing just that.

Of course, these are all ‘duped’ versions of the real thing, so how well do they really compare?

Well, that’s exactly what we decided to find out as we compared all the leading supermarkets' own Coke versions with the original Coca-Cola.

How well does supermarket own Coke compare to Coca-Cola?

Working out how well they compare, we compare two main aspects, the induvial taste and how they compare to Coca Cola before giving each an overall score all out of five.

Taking on the task with a helpful assistant, who we'll call Soda, we began with the original Coca-Cola to make sure we knew exactly what we were comparing to.

The full sugary version has an average price tag of £2.75 and hasn’t ever changed its recipe, keeping its sweet, slightly caramel taste and of course very fizzy taste.

With the original refreshing taste locked down, we were ready to taste the supermarket comparisons.

Worcester News: Tesco's cola.Tesco's cola. (Image: Newsquest)


Starting with Tesco’s own brand, a two-litre bottle costs 70p, making it more than £2 cheaper than its inspiration.

The taste itself was very nice, although not as sweet as Coca-Cola, Tesco’s Coke was refreshing and wasn’t so sugary that you felt like you’re teeth might hurt.

I gave its individual taste a score of 4.5/5 and Soda gave the coke a score of 4/5, we started off the taste test strong.

In terms of comparison, it did fair very well, although not as sweet it had practically the same flavouring and just the right amount level of fizz, seeing scores of 3/5 and 5/5.

The overall score for Tesco Coke

Myself: 3.5/5

Soda: 4.5/5

Worcester News: Asda cola.Asda cola. (Image: Newsquest)


Moving onto Asda, also 70p, we had high hopes after trying out Tesco Coke, however, we were both left disappointed.

I found the taste was super sweet and tangy whilst Soda agreed that they would not spend 70p on the bottle of Coke.

With its strong taste and slightly painful amount of sweetness, we compared it to the original Coca-Cola.

Keeping just the right amount of fizz, although we didn’t like the taste all that much, it did compare great against the inspiration, seeing us both give it a score of 4/5 for comparison.

The overall score for Asda Coke

Myself: 2/5

Soda: 1.5/5

Worcester News: Sainsbury's cola.Sainsbury's cola. (Image: Newsquest)


Up next was Sainsbury's, with a bottle of coke costing 65p, the taste was slightly bizarre, tasting fruitier than caramel.

Although not bad, the sugar was not overpowering with it being on just the right level, whilst the fizz also didn’t take over.

The taste wasn’t bad, with both myself and Soda scoring it 4/5, the comparison against Coca-Cola was also really strong, seeing Soda score a top hit of 5/5 and myself at 4/5.

The overall score for Sainsbury's coke

Myself: 4/5

Soda: 4/5

Worcester News: Lidl cola.Lidl cola. (Image: Newsquest)


The cheapest on the list, a bottle of Lidl Coke costs just 47p, and it may just be the fizziest drink on the list, maybe even too fizzy.

The taste can only be described as heavy, and if we’re comparing it to Coke, it tastes more like its no.1 rival Pepsi.

Although not awful, it's not coke- that’s why we both gave it 1/5 for compassion but for its taste, an honourable 3/5.

The overall score for Lidl Coke

Myself: 2.5/5

Soda: 3.5/5


Aldi is the second cheapest at 55p a bottle and it’s a worthy rival. The brand known for creating dupes seems to be able to do it with drinks too.

The taste is very sweet and super fizzy, with the fizz ever so slightly a bit to overpowering but if you want a cheap dupe, Aldi is the place, with both myself scoring it 3/5 and Soda a 5/5 for comparison.

The overall score for Aldi Coke

Myself: 4/5

Soda: 3/5

Worcester News: M&S Cola.M&S Cola. (Image: Newsquest)


M&S is not known for being the most affordable brand, with their ‘Very Interesting Cola’ costing more than the real Coca-Cola at £3.40.

The hard-to-swallow price tag may have made it harder for us to enjoy, but we still gave it a go.

M&S cola has a very specific taste that cannot be described as a comparison to Coca-Cola, it’s incredibly sweet, and taste what I imagine a blended bag of Harbio Tangy Cola Bottles would taste like.

The taste saw both myself and Soda score M&S nil points, with a comparison score of 1/5.

The overall score for M&S Coke

Myself: 1/5

Soda: 0/5

What’s your favourite own brand Coke?