A WOMAN who fell victim to a scam when flogging her iPhone has sent out a warning to others.

Kimberley Okane, aged 30, thought she was getting £610 for her smartphone, but she claims she hasn't received the money from a buyer.

She put a listing for the phone on Facebook Marketplace, which generated a lot of interest from potential buyers.

The teacher, who previously lived in Worcester and now lives in Vietnam, has been staying with a friend in Kidderminster over the summer.

She arranged for one buyer to meet at the house on Pipistrelle Drive to collect the phone on Monday (July 24).

He visited the address at around half past 12 and they agreed on a price of £610.

Ms Okane claims the buyer reassured her that the bank transaction could take up to two hours.

She said he showed her an app that indicated that the transaction was pending, although she did not recognise the name of the bank. She then allowed the buyer to walk away with the phone.

He did provide her with a phone number and after ringing him a couple of times to say the money hadn't been received, she then found herself unable to get through to him.

She later found out that it was a fake banking app.

She has contacted West Mercia Police and Action Fraud following the incident. She has also shared an image of the man which was taken from a neighbour's doorbell camera.

"I just feel stupid and naive, she said.

"I'm disappointed in myself mainly for falling for it and being so trusting even though I know how many scammers there are out there.

"I knew I shouldn't have let him walk away. In the moment I couldn't think of another alternative.

"They are obviously clever in the way they speak to you and approach you.

"He was friendly and chatty and said he was from the area - whether that's true or not.

"There are just so many scammers at the moment".