Dogs Trust Evesham is currently housing several dogs that are ready for adoption, including this male Dachshund called Teddy.

He is 2 years old and described by the centre as a “sweet boy” who would like to live in a moderately busy home.

Teddy, who is smooth haired, likes to welcome visitors and he has a good history of being around children although he can sometimes knock them over so he’d need the youngest members of his new family to be of a secondary school age.

While he has been on some short walks with other dogs, Teddy can get a bit scared of some dogs so he’d like to be the only one in his new home.

Worcester News: Teddy is described as a sweet boy by the Dogs Trust Evesham centreTeddy is described as a sweet boy by the Dogs Trust Evesham centre (Image: Dogs Trust)

You can see Teddy's full profile and how to adopt him here.

Teddy is currently on a diet due to being overweight but he doesn’t let this stop him from having cuddles and playing with his toys.

He is in need of a new home after his previous owner became too ill to care for him.

Despite this setback, Teddy is capable of being left alone for roughly four hours once he has settled into a new environment.

Worcester News: Teddy is looking for a new home, can you help?Teddy is looking for a new home, can you help? (Image: Dogs Trust)

However, the canine would appreciate assistance in getting used to car rides as he becomes anxious and occasionally experiences travel sickness.

On a more positive note, Teddy has maintained his housetraining skills.

You can find more information about each dog at Dogs Trust Evesham that needs a new home on their website and if you’d like to help the centre continue its work, donations are accepted through the support page.