A DAD-OF-FIVE who stalked a woman, burgled her home and threatened to post an intimate picture of her on social media is now behind bars. 

Brett Humphries turned up to Worcester Crown Court with a bag expecting to go down for his crimes.

The court heard a powerful victim personal statement in which she spoke of the torment Humphries had put her through. 

Phillip Vollands, prosecuting, explained the 33-year-old had an on, off relationship with the victim.

Worcester News: JAILED: Brett HumphriesJAILED: Brett Humphries (Image: West Mercia Police)

After she ended it, Humphries threatened to post a picture of the victim in her underwear on Facebook. 

The prosecutor said the victim had gone into a panic as she feared family members and others would see it if Humphries carried out the threat.

A month later Humphries was told not to go to the victim's home near Droitwich, but he did it anyway. 

Mr Vollands said the victim heard him banging on the door before he kicked the door in, shouted abuse and took the victim's dog, which Humphries had given to her as a present. 

Mr Vollands said Humphries had stalked her by sending messages including one in which Humphries said: "I will give you something to be scared of."

Worcester News: CASE: Brett Humphries case was heard at Worcester Crown CourtCASE: Brett Humphries case was heard at Worcester Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

Humphries' offences culminated in him following the victim around Worcester City Centre in a car in February this year.

The court heard he abused her, told her he was "not scared of the police" despite being on bail, before later sending messages and calling her. 

The prosecutor added the defendant had 10 convictions for 16 offences with previous convictions for criminal damage and assaults on emergency workers.

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The court heard Humphries had admitted stalking but had denied burglary and threatening to disclose a private sex image putting the victim through a trial where he was convicted.

In the personal statement the victim said: "I'm suffering anxiety everywhere I go, I panic about bumping into him.

"What is to stop him doing it again?

"I fear what he is capable of doing, he is unpredictable."

Lee Masters, defending, said it was a relationship breakdown that led Humphries to offend. 

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He suggested pettiness to get the dog back from the victim could have been why Humphries burgled the victim. 

But the barrister said Humphries had never intended to cause any violence, in the burglary.

Mr Masters added Humphries was now in a new relationship and she was pregnant with his child - with the new partner saying she had no issues in their relationship.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright told Humphries the overall effect of his criminality had left the victim understandably anxious and distressed.

He jailed him for 17 months saying only immediate custody was suitable. 

Humphries was also given a four-year restraining order preventing further contact with the victim, during the sentencing hearing on Friday, (August 18).