Plans to build a 20-foot mobile phone mast in a Worcestershire village have been unveiled.

Cornerstone wants to build the mast on a grass verge in a layby off the A443 in Eardiston, near Great Witley.

The mobile infrastructure company already owns and maintains more than 20,000 such masts around the UK.

According to a proposal submitted to Malvern Hills District Council, this mast would be used by two of the UK’s main mobile network providers to bring “high quality” 4G services to the village.

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The mast, described in the application as a “20-metre high slimline monopole”, would house three antennas and two transmission dishes.

Two equipment cabinets, an electric meter cabinet, a GPS module and three bollards are also included in the plan.

The proposal submitted to the council isn’t a full planning application, but is asking whether the planning authority’s approval is needed.

Cornerstone has also contacted Lindridge Parish Council about the proposed mast.

Included with Cornerstone’s application are a number of supporting documents including one tackling the issue of the health risks posed by mobile phone masts.

“Cornerstone ensure that our radio base stations are designed and built so that the public are not exposed to radio frequency fields above the guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP),” the company says.

“In fact, radio base stations operate at low power and emit levels of radiofrequency fields many times lower than the ICNIRP general public guidelines.”

The plans also explain that the mast would form part of the Shared Rural Network, a collaboration between mobile network providers to improve 4G coverage in the countryside.

It says network operators are collectively investing £532 million to improve existing networks and build new sites. The Government is investing a further £500 million to build new masts in areas with no 4G coverage at all.