THERE are still a "record number" of unwanted cats and kittens being dumped at animal shelters. 

And the situation is showing no sign of slowing down according to Claire Wood from RSPCA Worcester and Mid Worcestershire Branch. 

More than 240 cats have come through the doors of the Holding Animal Centre in Kempsey this year so far.

The shelter currently has 50 cats in their care at the shelter.

Fewer people want to adopt kittens now and they have 50 cats in the care of the shelter in August.

Miss Wood said: "If you are in a position to take on a pet, please do consider rehoming and not buying. 

"We’re seeing a record number of unwanted cats and the situation is showing no sign of slowing down.

"Together with our small team of fosterers, we’ve currently got 50 cats and kittens in our care and we also have a long waiting list.

"We’re also getting calls on an almost daily basis from people who want to relinquish their pets, it’s heartbreaking.”

Kittens and cats up for adoption are listed on the RSPCA Worcester branch's website.

Caspian is just one of the cats looking for a home.

He is thought to be around five years old and has been living on the streets for a while.

Since coming to the shelter Caspian enjoys visitors and being fussed over.

But this is also happening across the country not just in Worcetershire.

In June, 2,047 incidents of abandonment were reported to the RSPCA - compared to 1,527 in June last year.

In the first six months of 2023, 9,748 incidents of abandonment were reported to the RSPCA’s emergency line.

8,551 incidents were reported in 2022.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: "The cost of living crisis is one of the biggest challenges in animal welfare right now.

"Our landmark Animal Kindness Index suggests that 81% of owners are finding it expensive to look after their pets, and, as prices spiral, almost one quarter (23%) of owners are worried about feeding their pets.

"We fear we're seeing the impact of the cost of living crisis on the frontline - with our officers getting called to increasing numbers of animal abandonment.