A PROLIFIC thief told her solicitor "I really want to stop" as she appeared in court to confess her latest crimes.

We reported a year ago that Leanne Croke-Loveridge, 39, of Newtown Road, Worcester, was jailed for a stealing spree which included the Co-op in Ronkswood and Tesco in Warndon. 

On that occasion, magistrates had said the only way they could deal with her offending was with a custody sentence - but despite the spell behind bars Croke-Loveridge returned to Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday, (September 7).

She admitted three thefts from a shop, the offences taking place between June 2 and July 24 this year. 

The court heard Croke-Loveridge stole £100 worth of bacon from Co-op, £150 of plants from Tesco and £144.58 worth of meat from Lidl. 

Worcester News: THIEF: Leanne Croke-LoveridgeTHIEF: Leanne Croke-Loveridge (Image: West Mercia Police)

Mark Hambling, prosecuting, said the thefts had been "very simplistic" and "unsophisticated".

He added Croke-Loveridge's criminal record of 78 previous convictions was "not great" with many of her past offences being of a similar nature.

Gary Harper, defending, said: "What always aggravates it is the record - I have to accept that. 

Worcester News: COURT: Leanne Croke-Loveridge's case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court COURT: Leanne Croke-Loveridge's case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court

"She is realistic of custody again. 

"She tells me 'I really want this to stop now - It has been going on for too long'."

Mr Harper said he was asking for an adjournment for the probation service to carry out an assessment on whether Willowdene Care Farm - which offers residential rehabilitation and respite services - could support her. 

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"There is a ray of light," Mr Harper added. 

Kevin Lloyd-Wright, chairman of the magistrates bench, said magistrates had agreed to the adjournment for the assessment "as a potential alternative to custody".

Croke-Loveridge, who was given unconditional bail, was told to attend her sentencing at the court on September 21.