PLANS for "play-on-the-way" equipment, biodiversity work and possible new residents' parking in a  city suburb are being brought before Worcester City Council.

In July, Cllr Owen Cleary, Worcester city councillor for Warndon, said residents of his ward had been "stabbed in the back" after doubt was cast over plans previously agreed for turning some wasteland into parking and a play area with £100,000 of allocated funding between Cotswold Way and the top of Rodborough Drive and Rodborugh Close,

At full council on Tuesday, July 11, Cllr Cleary questioned joint-leader Cllr Lynn Denham on why a decision by elected councillors was potentially now being disregarded which Cllr Denham denied had happened.

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Now, Cllr Cleary has said the project will "definitely be moving forward" after a meeting with senior council officers.

He said: "Following mine and Warndon residents' concerns the project would be sidelined and the funds used in other parts of the city, I held high-level discussions with senior council officers and met with officers on site a few weeks ago.

"I'm now proud to announce the project will continue as planned for the benefit of Warndon residents, as previously agreed in council. 

"Officers are now actively progressing all aspects of the project to bring reports to the committee over the next few months.

"Priority is being given to the primary age play-on-the-way equipment and reviewing the existing concrete hardstanding as potential residents' parking.

"The biodiversity work to encourage wildlife has already begun. To support the project contact me."

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Cllr Jill Deseyrah, Labour city councillor for Warndon, said she welcomes the chance to see the plans but emphasised the importance of residents' opinions on the matter.

She said: "I look forward to seeing the fully cashed and detailed plans for the project and the opportunity to undertake a residents consultation period before things are confirmed.

"The resident's consultation period is a very key part of this plan and it is important we listen to what the residents want for the area."

Worcester City Council confirmed the information provided by Cllr Cleary but declined to comment due to the pre-election period ahead of next month's Warndon South by-election.