A COUNTY eBay user has made a few quid after selling one of the "most sought after" 20p coins for a huge sum.

This 20p coin distributed by the Royal Mint included a pretty big error, with no date printed on the coin.

The coin was listed for sale by a Kidderminster-based eBay user and sold for £49.99 earlier this year.

The coin also had a postage fee of £2.25, raising the total price to £52.24.

Another 20p coin without a printed date which sold for a big fee was also listed in Kidderminster, and was sold earlier this year.

The "excellent condition" coin sold for £45, and also had a postage fee of £2.20, raising the total cost to £47.20.

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Coin experts have also been telling us to check our change after a rare 20p sold for more than £200 following an online bidding war.

The 20p piece, produced in 1983, was minted on a copper-coloured coin by mistake, creating a rare bronze 20p.

The seller had the coin authenticated by The Royal Mint before sending it to auction on eBay and watching a one-week bidding war take place.

Eventually, the coin sold for £232 following 28 bids from five buyers keen to get their hands on the rare coin.