A TIK TOK influencer has filmed himself on land in Worcester referring to organising 'MMA' style fights, while police have said they will act if unlawful activity takes place. 

In a video posted to more than 73,000 followers on the social media network earlier this month, influencer Ed Matthews says: "Backyard MMA coming (expletive) soon."

West Mercia Police said they are monitoring the account @notedmattthews, which includes videos filmed on the land in Broomhall Way, St Peters, Worcester.

Worcester News: VIDEO: TikTok influncer Ed Matthews filming on the Broomhill Way siteVIDEO: TikTok influncer Ed Matthews filming on the Broomhill Way site (Image: TikTok)

Mr Matthews has become one of the biggest names on TikTok - famous for his animosity with OnlyFans star Astrid Wett, Cal The Dragon and Simon Colbran aka Simple Simon.

The video begins with the social media influencer saying: "Josh rented this bit of land in Brum. 

"Have a look at this."

The video shows a man who he describes as the "best security guard in the game". He says to camera: "I maybe small but I tell you what I can take them all, not a problem" before being filmed punching a pick up truck. 

Elsa Rae - the girlfriend of Mr Matthews who is also a Tik Tok star with 150,000 followers - is then filmed giving a tour of the caravan on the site. 

She is asked "Do you like it babe?" before answering "Yes, it's nice". 

As Mr Matthews leaves he makes the comment about Backyard MMA coming soon - which is also the caption for the video. 

MMA stands for mixed martial arts - the largest licensed promotion in the world being the UFC. 

Worcester News: PUNCHES: A 'security guard' punches a truck in the videoPUNCHES: A 'security guard' punches a truck in the video (Image: TikTok)

The video ends with Mr Matthews saying they have electricity on the site adding "Come on".

A West Mercia Police inspector said: "At present we are unaware of any reports of an unlawful encampment.

Worcester News: SITE: The Broomhill Way site the group filmed atSITE: The Broomhill Way site the group filmed at (Image: TikTok)

"Local knowledge suggests this is a location where the individuals in the linked video are staying with permission of a landowner close to Broomhall Way, Worcester.

Worcester News: SITE: Broomhill Way site where the video was filmedSITE: Broomhill Way site where the video was filmed (Image: TikTok)"We are not aware of any unlicensed ‘fight’ having taken place locally but will monitor the account in question and respond to any reports of unlawful activity appropriately."

The land is owned by Roger Lethem who appears to have given permission for the group to stay.

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Our attempts to contact Mr Lathem were unsuccessful.

He is currently applying for planning permission to build a new traveller site on the land on the edge of the city.

Up to 10 permanent traveller pitches could be built on the land next to the A4440, with Worcester City Council’s planning committee set to make a decision on the application next Thursday (September 21).