EIGHT parking fines have been dished out to members of a car meet group following new restrictions at a retail park - despite the friends eating at McDonald's.

The group regularly meet up at Blackpole Retail Park but new rules have been introduced to stop people lingering on the car park at night.

Sonny Mathias, a member of the car meet group from Malvern, said the eight £60 fines have been given to the group in quick succession.

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He said: "There have been a lot of cameras added to the retail park to crackdown on groups that may be causing a nuisance but we have been getting fines for no real reason at all.

"We may meet up in the evening and get some food from Maccies but then get hit with a fine which seems very unfair.

"These fines are like £60 each and some of the group have been fined on multiple occasions which obviously adds up."

Mr Mathias claims the group of friends are often not in the retail park for very long and yet they are still being landed with the fines.

He said: "We have literally done nothing wrong, the situation is getting extreme and a lot of people are suffering. 

"We want to raise the awareness of the situation because if it is happening to us, it may be happening to other people as well."

Blackpole Retail Park is one of the busiest retail parks in Worcester, with businesses such as Mcdonald's, Marks and Spencer, Pets at Home, Costa, Greggs, Halfords and Currys PC World.

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A spokesperson from Legal and General Investment Management said restrictions were put in place at the car park due to complaints from people living nearby.

They said: "Fines are received for staying in the car park for more than the 30-minute grace period between the hours of 9pm to 6am.

"These restrictions were implemented following complaints from local residents about noise and disruption during these hours."

UK Parking Control Limited (UKPC)is the parking management solutions provider for the retail park.

We have contacted McDonald's for more information.