CHILDREN'S "safety and education" are at risk as roadworks delay school buses forcing them to arrive late to lessons.

Temporary lights on Hospital Lane, in Powick, have been criticised by Laura Bartley-Smith, who claims they have resulted in children being "majorly late" for school.

A number of students have been affected by the issues, especially those using the S44 bus service.

The lights are at the entrance to a development site at the junction of Hospital Lane and the Crown pub exit.

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She said: "There is an ongoing issue with the temporary lights at Hospital Lane.

"It is causing severe delays on the main A449 and is now putting school children's safety and education at risk.

"The delays due to the roadworks are resulting in school children waiting at the side of a very busy main road for over half an hour and the school bus being 20 to 30 minutes late, meaning they are missing most of their first lesson at school.

"What makes this worse is that there seems to be very little work going on at the site or on the road and this has been ongoing for months.

"Many parents are deciding to drive their children to school themselves which is resulting in even more traffic on the roads."

A spokesperson for The Chase School said: "A number of students have been impacted by this, specifically those using the S44. 

"The bus company were made aware and they have considered short-term changes to improve the situation.

"We now believe the situation has been resolved. Since Friday, September 22, we have had no issues and the buses seem to be running on time."

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Worcestershire County Council declined to comment and instead directed us to Marston's Brewery.

A spokesperson for Masrtson's said: "The reason for the delay is due to pending approval for essential works to turn the exit from the pub into an adopted road."

According to, the lights will be in place until Thursday, October 26. 

We have also contacted First Bus for more information.