BY ORDER of the Peaky Blinders - scores of the television show's fans will don their flat caps and overcoats in Worcester.

While the Shelby family were known for causing trouble - this group of Peaky Blinders fans will be in the city for a good cause.

Around 40 people dressed in Peaky Blinders-style clothing will walk around the city to raise money for West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Worcester Peaky Blinders has teamed up with the West Midlands Peaky Blinders Group for the event and, along with the walk, will be hosting a gathering at Bedwardine Inn in St Johns.

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The two groups have planned to start their walk at 11am on Sunday (September 24) and hope to cause quite the spectacle for people to raise as much funds for a worthy cause. 

Worcester News: A few of Worcester Peaky Blinders.A few of Worcester Peaky Blinders. (Image: Worcester Peaky Blinders)

The group will first take a scenic walk down the river Severn and then head to the racecourse to mark one of the scenes in the show.

They will then finish at Bedwardine Inn in St Johns, where everyone is invited to listen to music and take pictures with them and their old-fashioned 'peaky'  bus.

The Bedwardine Inn will have a table selling Worcester Peaky Blinder merchandise and various decorated cakes to raise money for the life-saving charity. 

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"The spectacle will be great," said Brendan Taylor, organiser and a Worcester Peaky Blinder.

"You can only imagine 30 to 40 Peaky Blinders walking up the road. 

Worcester News: Both groups will be raising money for West Midlands Ambulance Service.Both groups will be raising money for West Midlands Ambulance Service. (Image: Worcester Peaky Blinders)

"If we can make even £50 to £60, it's all for charity, so anything is good.

"It is exciting and will be absolutely fantastic - we love the Peaky Blinders, and we do tours."

Visitors to the Bedwardine Inn can purchase badges, beer mats, pens and cakes with the Worcester Peaky Blinder logo on them.

The two groups first met after the Worcester Peaky Blinders decided to do a tour in Birmingham, and they both decided to join forces and do a sightseeing day in the city while raising money for charity.

Worcester Peaky Blinders and West Midlands Peaky Blinders Group will be at the Bedwardine Inn until 6pm. 

The time they will arrive at the pub is uncertain as it will depend on their walk around Worcester, but the 'Peaky' bus will remain at the pub while the walk is ongoing.