Martin Lewis has issued an important reminder to anyone who thinks they may be the victim of a scam.

The Money Saving Expert alerted is 2.3 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, of the phone number they should ring if they are unsure whether they are being targeted by criminals.

The number, 159, can be dialled to be transferred through to your bank when you can’t remember there number.

This is particularly important for those who have just received a call claiming to be from their bank but are not sure of the legitimacy of the call.

Martin said: “Phone number to remember: 159.

“If you need to call your bank urgently (eg its just called you, and you’ve hung up as it may be a scam) and can’t remember its number, just call 159 and it’ll put you through.

“PS if you have had poss scam call, use a different line to call back (or wait an hour) in case they’re spoofing a dial tone.”

Martin is well used to dealing with the tactics of scammers, having had his image cloned numerous times and used in fraudsters adverts.

Earlier this year, he issued a warning over a “frightening” scam that will “ruin lives”.

The Money Saving Expert took to X after a chilling “deepfake” video of him surfaced, appearing to show him promoting an investment app on breakfast TV.

However, the video is an AI scam, using technology to mimic his voice and face.

Martin warned all of his followers not to fall for the scam and called on regulators to “step up” and tackle the “dangerous fakes”.


“This is frightening, it's the first deep fake video scam I've seen with me in it. Govt & regulators must step up to stop big tech publishing such dangerous fakes. People'll lose money and it'll ruin lives.”