A number of bike thefts have taken place at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester.

Midwife Cathryn Wagstaff had her e-bike stolen on Saturday (September 23) and knows of two others in recent weeks.

Cathryn, who lives in Nunnery Wood, said she usually rides to work three days a week on her e-bike.

“On Saturday, I took my bike to work as usual and locked it up on the cycle park by the parking barrier at the front of the hospital, as I’ve been doing for three years since I got it.”

Worcester News: Cathryn's bike, which was stolen from outside the hospitalCathryn's bike, which was stolen from outside the hospital (Image: Submitted)

But despite using two locks, Cathryn returned at the end of her shift to find her bike was gone.

“Everything was gone - they hadn’t even left the locks lying on the floor,” she said.

“I went back in to find security, who said the cameras turn to point more at the main entrance and it was very unlikely they’d see anything.

“On Sunday I got hold of them again and found another e-bike had also gone missing from outside Oncology.

“This one was caught on camera - a man was seen dropping off a pedal bike and taking the e-bike, then coming back later for his pedal bike.

“And two weeks ago, a patient’s husband said he’d had a motorbike gone missing from outside the hospital.”

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The thefts have left Cathryn wondering whether she should even get a replacement bike.

“It’s sickening - I could get another one, although it’ll cost £1,100 to replace it, but what’s to say it won’t go walkabout,” she said. “I’m in turmoil about what to do.

“I think it’s time the hospital provided secure parking for bikes - they encourage us to ride to work, so why not give us a secure lock-up?”

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We are aware of reports of thefts from outside our hospital.

“We do provide facilities for staff, patients or visitors to secure their bikes, but if anyone has been the victim of a theft we would always recommend reporting it to the police.”

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said officers were aware of the theft of a bike outside the hospital on Saturday and that enquiries have been carried out.