AN out-of-pocket student claims a landlord has kept her deposit for cleaning and redecoration despite leaving the house 'spotless' at the end of her tenancy. 

Jess Mawle said she is yet to receive a penny of the deposit she paid to rent student accommodation in Bozward Street a year ago. 

The 21-year-old said: "I rented a student property through the letting agents Platinum Properties last September.

"My tenancy agreement was signed and stated that upon departing the property at the end of the tenancy in July the deposit of £300 would be repaid within ten days.  

"In August I queried my deposit as it had not been repaid and was told that Platinum was no longer managing the property and they were waiting on updates from the landlord."

Worcester News: DISPUTE: Jess Mawle is in dispute with her former landlordDISPUTE: Jess Mawle is in dispute with her former landlord (Image: Jess Mawle)When Platinum got in touch it was bad news as staff revealed the new landlord, JPS Properties Ltd, wanted to charge more than £200 for redecoration of her former bedroom and over £60 for cleaning of the communal areas and rubbish removal.

Miss Mawle said: "The communal areas were left in a spotless condition, better than when we moved in, and certainly in a tenantable condition," Miss Mawle said.

Worcester News: 'SPOTLESS': The bedroom pictured when Miss Mawle left the property'SPOTLESS': The bedroom pictured when Miss Mawle left the property (Image: Jess Mawle)

"And I do not believe £210 is a reasonable and fair cost for three small walls to be painted. 

"Platinum reviewed the pictures - they agreed that the communal areas were left impeccably and the rubbish was actually from a neighbour, and so we agreed that the communal charges could be reduced."

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But Miss Mawle, who now lives in Henwick Road, St John's, said she has heard nothing since. 

The student provided pictures of the property in the condition they left it.

Worcester News: LOUNGE: The lounge LOUNGE: The lounge (Image: Jess Mawle)

A spokesperson for Platinum said: "We aim to return as many deposits as possible within 20 days of move out.

"In this case the landlord wanted to conduct the checkout and only provided the data in September. 

"The landlord is only allowed to claim deductions for damage caused by tenants, cleaning that is of a lower standard than when they move in.

"In addition, where damage has occurred an allowance has to be made to consider fair wear and tear. 

"Due to the lateness of the information getting to us we have been trying to contact these tenants and the data from the landlord is not in our format making it more difficult to gain an accurate picture. 

Worcester News: 'SPOTLESS': The kitchen of the property before the tenants moved out'SPOTLESS': The kitchen of the property before the tenants moved out (Image: From public)

"We are still seeking to gain an agreement with the tenants and we are discussing the situation with the landlord.

"We are disappointed the process has taken longer than usual and apologise to the tenants.  

"Platinum no longer represents this landlord because they do not meet our required standard but are obligated to complete the management process to finalise these tenancies. "

Attempts to contact JPS proved unsuccessful.