THESE are the ultra rare Royal Mint 2p and 1p coins that can make pounds on auction sites such as eBay.

Rare coins have been a widely discussed topic recently, and 2p and 1p coins are no exception when it comes to collectors looking for sought-after currency.

On eBay, three coins, totalling just eight pence, have been sold by a Worcestershire seller for £2, with an additional £1.25 postage fee making the grand total £3.25.

The coins were all circulated and are dated back to 1971. The deal was finalised on Wednesday, July 5.

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According to the website, there are a number of factors that affect 1971 coin values.

Some coins struck during the reign of Elizabeth II could be worth less than guide prices, with other coins dated 1971 commanding much higher prices.

Another ambitious seller from Brooklyn, New York, has a listing for  1971 two-pence coin for £1,228.95, which has so far had no bids.

Next time you are handed some 2ps or 1ps in change, instead of using them at an arcade, check to see the year as you may be able to make a profit.