Cadbury has decided to scrap a chocolate bar it created just four years ago due to a drop in demand for it.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% less sugar treat will soon be removed from supermarket shelves after the company decided to delist it. 

Mondelez - which bought Cadbury in 2010 - said "significant investment" had been put into the bar since its creation in 2019 but demand has continued to fall.

Speaking to Sky News on the decision a spokesperson said:  "We not only invested heavily in developing a bar that consumers told us tasted great - but also in promoting it through a nationwide marketing campaign.

"Despite these efforts, demand for this product has dropped and we have sadly taken the decision to delist it." 

It said while some customers will be "disappointed" by the move, it will continue to "invest and innovate" its product line. 

Cadbury fans disappointed in move to scrap chocolate bar

The Cadbury bar was initially launched as a slightly healthier alternative to the regular Dairy Milk bar.

At the time, the company pledged the bar was "just as irresistibly smooth and creamy as our original Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, but with 30 per cent less sugar and satisfaction in every single mouthful".

Some people who had previously bought the bar were disappointed to see it removed from shelves, The Mirror reported.

One posted online: "I'm devastated they've pulled this option from shelves, it just seems like another decision to cut costs at the expense of quality or diverse choices. That's my evening routine ruined!"

Another was seemingly devastated by the news and shared: "Everything is ruined."

The Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% less sugar will no longer be seen on supermarket shelves very soon.