A NEW platform where you can support Warriors Women players and receive expert advice and support back is now available.

Moonrise Sports is a platform where you can purchase video messages, receive expert coaching advice, attend live masterclasses and have one-to-one conversations with your favourite athletes.

Players from Worcester Warriors Women are now available to contact on the site, offering their expertise and engaging with their fanbase.

On Tuesday evening, Cube International, which owns the club, confirmed they had pulled Warriors Women from all competition in a shock announcement. 

Worcester News: Flo Long is available to contact on the site.Flo Long is available to contact on the site. (Image: Neil Kennedy)

One of the players you can reach through the site is Flo Long, who believes the platform provides a unique opportunity to help grow and nurture the sport.

She said: "One of the things that really sold the platform to me is that it gives you autonomy as an individual player to support yourself.

"The women's game is growing rapidly, and a massive reason I play is because I want to help grow it at a grassroots level.

"Anyone who has been to our games knows that we are all about community, which is why we engage with the fans after every game we have played.

"Expanding on that and being able to help people looking to improve their game or even just engage with the fanbase online is brilliant." 

Flo has only recently joined the platform and has not yet had any interactions, but has been receiving a lot of messages through social media from supportive fans.

She said: "We have all gotten to know families that have supported us at games and we have all had some lovely messages from people at this difficult time.

"I had a wonderful video from a little girl recently saying she will miss me and to keep my chin up which was a real boost."

Charlie Hartley, owner and founder of Moonrise Sports and ex-professional cricketer, said that the situation with the club was "terrible."

He said: " We want to get as many of the team on the platform as possible to help support them and also offer fans the chance to interact with them and benefit from their experience.

"Five per cent of all purchases from any athlete on the platform will go to help a charity of their choice as well."

When using the platform to interact with Flo Long, five per cent of every purchase goes to the charity Brave Mind, a mental health charity working with rugby clubs and schools.

For more details visit, https://moonrisesports.com/#.