A POPULAR Italian restaurant has been forced to close due to flooding for the eighth time - leaving the owner "heartbroken."

All' Angelo, on Queen Street in Droitwich, has been hit once again with extreme flooding due to weather brought on by Storm Babet.

Behind the restaurant, water has been pooling at high levels and entering the business, forcing staff to try and salvage all electrical items and furniture.

A video taken inside the business shows the extent of the flooding.

Angelo Petritaj, owner of All' Angelo, said he first became aware of the flooding when he arrived at 10am.

He said: "It is heartbreaking. We open from midday to the public, but we always arrive at 10am to prepare for the day ahead, which is when we discovered the flooding.

"We are in the process of trying to salvage as many electrical items and pieces of furniture as we can but it is so difficult.

"Every time this happens, it costs us thousands as our insurance will not cover it."

Mr Petritaj said that the business was fully booked this weekend, and the closure has resulted in a loss of business.

The business had to close around the same time last year (October 2022) for three days due to flooding.

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