WHEN it comes to looking out for each other and looking after their community, the residents of Medway Road in Ronkswood have proved themselves to be fearsome opponents over the years.

A look through our archives shows that they were ready to take up the fight when workmen arrived to paint double yellow lines on the road in 1994.

Families took the day off and left their cars in the street in a week-long blockade after fearing that the ban on parking would turn the road into a racetrack.

In the end, police put cones along the controversial stretch of road to enable to contractors to paint the lines.

The situation came to be known as the Battle of Medway and, although the yellow lines were installed, a peace summit with county and city council chiefs later drew up a package of measures.

These included calls for a safety barrier across the western boundary of The Green and a traffic calming scheme. The county council promised to monitor the traffic situation.

Ever-determined, the residents opted to pack out a neighbourhood meeting to make their feelings known the following year to discuss problems with a gang of yobs roaming the streets.

Police had upped patrols for a four week-trial - after a string of incidents, including vandalism, noise, fights and attacks - and local people wanted the high-profile action to continue.

The residents used the meeting to pledge to set up their own neighbourhood watch scheme.

In 1996 residents were campaigning again - this time because youngsters were using the street as a playground.

Residents wanted the closure of an access from fields into their street in a bid to keep out unwelcome visitors.

They told of litter being dropped, bricks being thrown and youngsters riding bikes across carefully-nurtured gardens.

Just a few years, in 1999, later residents had a new campaign. They wanted traffic calming measures on Medway Road to slow-down traffic.

There were fears that someone could be seriously hurt or children would be killed if action wasn’t taken.

Paul Denham, then the Labour candidate for Nunnery ward, launched a petition to force the Highways Authority to act.

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