A POLICE sergeant has spoken out over "unwanted" graffiti, which is making her town "look untidy."

Sgt Cathy Atkinson of Droitwich SNT said she was enjoying her morning patrol until she had to walk through a graffiti-filled underpass on her patrol.

Multiple graffiti and tagging have appeared around the town on road signs and underpasses.

Sgt Cathy Atkinson of Droitwich SNT said: "I was enjoying patrolling around the town, in the heavy rain, until I had to walk through this!

"Droitwich is a lovely town, but this destruction is making the town look untidy.

"This is criminal damage and unwanted.

"Please respect the area in which you live.

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"If anyone has any information, please do not hesitate to contact Droitwich Police Station as we are keen to deal with those responsible. Thank you. PS Atkinson."

Dispersal powers have been enforced in the town, which means police can tell those suspected of anti-social behaviour that they cannot return to the area for 48 hours.

If they break this, they can be arrested.