A STUDENT with a passion for Lego has landed his dream role as a professional Lego builder.

Oscar Goodhand-Wyatt, who is now an assistant master model builder at Legoland Discovery Centre Birmingham, has been playing with Lego bricks all of his life.

The 17-year-old, from Alcester, who is a games design and digital media student at Heart of Worcestershire College in Bromsgrove, was offered the job of being paid to build Lego after winning the 'Brickfactor' competition, where he participated in a series of timed challenges and builds.

He said: “My first memory of Lego is visiting my nan’s house when I was four.

"She had a giant yellow bucket filled with Lego – it was almost as big as I was – and I spent hours on end playing with it.

“Lego has really allowed my creativity to flow and express myself, and I also think it helped with my fine motor skills when I was a child.”

Worcester News: Oscar Goodhand-Wyatt is getting paid to build Lego Oscar Goodhand-Wyatt is getting paid to build Lego (Image: Legoland Discovery Centre)

Oscar will help create new showpieces for the centre’s 'Miniland', which already contains a tiny replica of the city of Birmingham.

He will be working at the Legoland Discovery Centre part-time alongside his college classes.

Aside from his own studies, Oscar will also be responsible for mentoring and helping at creative sessions at the centre.

He added: “One part of my new job is that I’ll be helping with the Creative Workshops, teaching children how to build their own wonderful creations. I’m so excited to pass on my love of Lego.

“I’m super excited to get stuck into my new job. Lego is something that I’ve adored since I was five, so it feels like an honour to land this dream role as my first job. The only way I could describe my love for Lego is that it’s infinite.”