With Halloween nearly upon us, Worcester News readers have been showing off their terrifying decorations.

With spiders, ghouls, gravestones and even a pair of skeletons donning a Tottenham Hotspur kit, take a look at how the people of Worcestershire are embracing the spooky season.

Worcester News: Ross Hayes decorated his front lawn with an assembly of skeletons, broomsticks and witches, which

Skeletons, broomsticks and a giant spider adorns Ross Hayes' front lawn this Halloween.

Worcester News: Ross didn't just reserve the spooky decoration for his front lawn, with his garage roof graced by

The display also extends to his garage roof where more skeletons, along with two-headed dog skeletons and gargoyles, perch menacingly.

Worcester News: The front of Vicky Johnson's house was decorated by cloaked skeletons, gravestones and plenty of

Elsewhere, Vicky Johnson's frontage features cloaked skeletons and gravestones coupled with ominous warning signs.

Worcester News: Scary ghouls and blood stained hand and foot prints mark Jodie Rose Delilah Mack's door

Jodie Rose Delilah Mack's door is a horrifying scene with ghoulish creatures and blood-stained handprints.

Worcester News: Not long after Jodie further decorated her front door, with a cloaked skeleton with glowing red

She upped the horror factor with a red-eyed skeleton standing guard.

Worcester News: Arsenal fan Joe Perryman took the opportunity to poke fun at North London rivals Tottenham

Football fan, Joe Perryman used the occasion to mock Tottenham Hotspur's trophy drought.

Dressing a pair of skeletons in the club's kit, a sign reads 'Waiting for a trophy'.