A CITY centre road is currently closed near the Jobcentre. 

Farrier Street is closed for Severn Trent roadworks. 

The section of the road was originally advertised to be closed for one day, on October 29.

But this morning, (November 1), it is still closed as work continues. 

Worcester News: CLOSED: The section of Farrier Street closedCLOSED: The section of Farrier Street closed (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)An area around a fire hydrant has been dug up, the section coned off with plastic barriers surrounding it. 

A sign which has Network Plus working with Severn Trent reads: "We apologise for any inconvenience during these essential works. 

Worcester News: BARRIER: The roadworks in Farrier StreetBARRIER: The roadworks in Farrier Street (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

"Start date: October 30."

Worcester News: SIGN: Severn Trent Water's sign with information about the roadworksSIGN: Severn Trent Water's sign with information about the roadworks (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

When a Worcester News reporter was at the site this morning they saw cars turning around after reaching the roadworks.

Severn Trent Water has been contacted for comment.

Meanwhile a second sign advertising Worcestershire Highway work, being carried out by contractors Ringway, is being displayed at the end of the street at the junction with Shaw Street.

That reads: "This road will be closed here on November 5 for one day.

"Delays possible."

Steven King, repair and maintenance team manager at Severn Trent Water, said: "Our works on Farrier Street were scheduled for October 29, however due to emergency works and unforeseen circumstances this job had to be rescheduled to this week and are now completed. 

“The road surface will be reinstated with everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

"We’d like to offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused while we completed these works.”