A DISGUSTED couple with giant rats running around their home for the last year fear said their housing association is not getting rid of the vermin.

Malcolm Cutler and Pam Cutler, of Rydal Close in Warndon, are at their wits' end as eight large rats have plagued their home over the last year.

However, they say their pleas for help are going unanswered by Platform Housing.

Mr Cutler is worried the rat infestation will lead to the couple catching a disease which has made him increasingly anxious ever since his wife came home from hospital.

He said: "It is not fair at all that we have to live like this. It could end up with us catching a disease because rats are so unhygienic.

"My wife has just come out of the hospital with pneumonia, arthritis and other illnesses, and to have this happening around us is awful.

"We have asked for help multiple times but have never received any. Inspectors have been here and have seen it for themselves and yet still nothing."

As well as the rats, Mr Cutler said the central heating in the household broke earlier this year and has not yet been repaired.

He said: "I have had to get an electric fire to heat the house up because we are freezing. When we last enquired about when somebody was coming to fix it, we were told that it would not be until the end of November,

"That is no good at all for us because it is already getting cold and we cannot be without heating. We have tried asking for help so many times now that I just do not know what to do."

Platform Housing apologised to Mr and Mrs Cutler for the rats and the heating issues.

A spokesperson said: "We are sorry to hear of our customers issues and will work with them to get things resolved.

"We have appointed a surveyor to visit the property today (Friday, November 3) to assess the heating work that was completed recently and determine what action can be taken regarding the issue of rats.

"One of our neighbourhood officers will also be visiting to offer any further help and support they may require.”