A full-size replica Doctor Who Dalek has been sold on eBay for more than £1,500.

The model was built by a lifelong Doctor Who collector and originally auctioned in aid of Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The bronze colour replica of Dalek Caan was listed on eBay by the seller due to a house move to a smaller home.

The description of the replica Dalek read: “It is fully manoeuvrable and has an internal seat (see picture).  Electrics would need to be installed if required.

“It is presented in battle-scarred condition as preferred by some enthusiasts but could easily be retouched if desired - for example the 56 hemispheres are all secured with nuts and could easily be removed for painting.

“It is fitted with new, heavy-duty wheels that all rotate through 360 degrees.

“The Dalek can be split into up to five sections for ease of transport.”

It attracted 19 bids from keen Doctor Who enthusiasts, before selling for £1,550.

Doctor Who episodes added to BBC iPlayer

From this week, more than 800 episodes of Doctor Who will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Fans of the BBC series can watch all their favourite episodes in one place – The Whoniverse.

They will also be able to watch the first Whoniverse series, called Tales of the TARDIS, on the streaming platform.

In a tweet shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, the official Doctor Who account welcomed fans to the Whoniverse, saying: “The TARDIS doors are open… #iPlayer welcomes the biggest collection of #DoctorWho, with over 800 episodes of Doctor Who and its vast worlds beyond, available from 1st November”

The tweet is accompanied by a clip showing the introduction of the Whoniverse.

What is the Whoniverse?

The Doctor Who website describes the Whoniverse as “the world where you can find every Doctor, every companion, and terrifyingly, hundreds of monsters that have appeared in Doctor Who.”

The Whoniverse will have a new logo and all Doctor Who content will have a new ident.

The website explains that the Whoniverse will “continuously expand”.

Tales of the TARDIS will be the first exclusive content to be added to the Whoniverse, giving fans a new six-part series to look forward to.

The series will reunite “beloved classic Doctor Who duos, as they board a very special TARDIS on a nostalgic voyage through space and time.”

You can find out more about the new Whoniverse series via the Doctor Who website.