AN OnlyFans model has revealed she has thought about quitting a number of times after receiving trolling about the ways she looks.

We first reported on Fenella Fox, from Worcester - who refuses to shave her hairy armpits as a protest against men's expectations -  in May last year, and the story went on to gain national attention. 

The 30-year-old, an OnlyFans and Tik Tok model, has gained a massive following on social media and made more than £600,000 from her modelling. 

But, speaking to the Worcester News, the influencer told us she had had difficult moments when she has considered walking away. 

Worcester News: MODEL: Fenella FoxMODEL: Fenella Fox (Image: Instagram/@noshavenoshame)"I have thought about quitting many times because of the hate I receive but every time I take a step back from social media I miss it," Miss Fox said. 

"I have been posting on social media my whole adult life and there was a huge difference when I stopped shaving as I suddenly stood out.

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"I receive hate and fetish comments every day but I turn on comment filtering so I now only see the nasty comments if I go looking for them. 

Worcester News: MODEL: Fenella FoxMODEL: Fenella Fox (Image: Instagram/@noshavenoshame)

"I get probably hundreds of 'I want to lick your armpits' or 'smell your armpits' a week which I find gross. 

"I've had a lot of men tell me 'men don’t like hair' and that I’ll never get a man like this, I'm gross, I smell, I’m not clean, etc."

Worcester News: 'NOT QUITTING': Fenella Fox'NOT QUITTING': Fenella Fox (Image: Instagram/@oshavenoshame)

As we previously reported, the content creator says the first time she felt scared online was when she searched her name on Google and discovered men were leaking her personal details including where she lived.

She also found shocking comments from some that she deserved to be raped in forums. 

"I was maybe 21 or 22 at the time," she said.

"I developed severe agoraphobia which took about three years to recover from."

Worcester News: BODY CONFIDENT: Model Fenella FoxBODY CONFIDENT: Model Fenella Fox (Image: Instagram/noshavenoshame)

But Miss Fox, who has more than a million followers across her platforms, says she is body-confident and her decision not to shave her hairy armpits has made her feel empowered.

"I also absolutely love the freedom I have, the people and the brands I get to work with," she added. 

"Being able to travel and work from my phone is amazing."

The model can be found on Instagram and Threads @noshavenoshame.