SIGNS on a small trading estate which has seen ticketing chaos in recent weeks have been brought down, but the car park owners say not by them.

Residents have been hit with parking tickets for driving in and out of the car park, parking in an area used for decades and even for parking just slightly out of the bay lines.

Drivers hit out, saying they had previously enjoyed relaxed parking restrictions on Henwick Park car park, off Monarch Drive.

But as we reported last week many are now being hit with £60 fines since new strict restrictions were introduced in the summer.

The signs were also widely criticised for being confusing with the writing too small.

After the Worcester News published the story last Thursday, (November 2), and it received national coverage, it has now emerged signs on the car park have been taken down over the weekend - but it is unclear who has removed them.

Worcester News: REMOVED: An empty police which previously had a sign onREMOVED: An empty police which previously had a sign on (Image: John Banner)This paper has also heard the speculation regarding whether the cameras are still in operation. 

We asked Johnson Fellows, the managing agent for the car park, if it is correct:


  • Signs had been taken down by the managing agent
  • Penalty notices are not currently being issued


In response to both points, the agent replied: "Not accurate". 

Worcester News: REMOVED: One of the removed signsREMOVED: One of the removed signs (Image: John Banner)

Meanwhile John Banner, the father of Mark who we reported was one of those who has been fined, is now co-ordinating a fight back with the owner of a hairdressing salon on the site. 

Worcester News: 'CONFUSING': Customers complained that signs - now gone - were too confusing to read'CONFUSING': Customers complained that signs - now gone - were too confusing to read (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

John Banner said: "In many ways the damage is already done.

"There are people who are saying they will not come back - I know seven who have said that.

"I urge anyone with a parking notice to make a copy of it, keep the original and take the copy - with your name and contact number on the back of it plus whether you have paid or not - and take it to the Sunrise Hair and Beauty shop.

Worcester News: FIGHT BACK: John Banner, left, with the owner of Sunrise Paul Smith FIGHT BACK: John Banner, left, with the owner of Sunrise Paul Smith (Image: John Banner)

"We aim to get them all rescinded or refunded.

"It just needs common sense.

"I will go to court. I have challenged 14 parking notices over the years and not lost any."

Worcester News: FINED: John Banner's son, Mark, with his parking noticeFINED: John Banner's son, Mark, with his parking notice (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

Paul Smith, the owner of Sunrise added: "Several of our customers have been complaining about it. It is a cash cow."

We asked Johnson Fellows about the campaign but a spokesperson made no comment.

In a previous statement Johnson Fellows said: "Car park management was implemented in September 2023 following feedback from the commercial tenants after receiving complaints about the abuse of the car park and customers not being able to park.

"We appointed an accredited operator to ensure the car park is managed efficiently.

"The operator ensures all signage and PCNs are issued in accordance with regulations and offers an online appeal process and further assistance with all PCNs issued."

We have received no reply from UKPS, which manages the car park, after being asked for comment.