More than 3,000 people visited Droitwich Rugby Club for an “amazing” fireworks display.

The club’s fireworks event took place on Saturday, November 4 and sold out in advance.

“We weren’t expecting to have that many people, but it was an amazing night,” said bar manager Darty Williams.

“I think we had a lot of people come from Kidderminster because a big event got cancelled, a lot of people came over from Worcester and the only other big events on were the Cookley Bonfire and Himley.

Worcester News: The fireworks display was a 'great night' for the clubThe fireworks display was a 'great night' for the club (Image: Droitwich Rugby Club)

“It was a great night and everyone was really respectful - events like this are really important for the club and can bring sponsorship in as well.

“People get to see how friendly everyone at the club is and you find they want to get involved - it even helps bring players to the club.

“There were so many volunteers who came to help on the night as well - it was really good.

“I can’t believe how many kegs we got through either - we got through a lot of beer.”

Mr Williams said shuttle buses running from Waitrose and from the town centre helped ease the pressure on parking at the rugby club.

And while most young families left after the fireworks, many people stayed behind for a disco at the end of the night.

“It was really well planned,” said Mr Williams. “Craig Browne set it up and did a lot of the organising.”

On Facebook, the club thanked sponsors and other companies that helped on the night including CED Electrical, Capitan Gate Company, Production Support Services, Bromsgrove Distrct Council, Katana Security Services, Droitwich Community First Responders and Commandery Coaches.

The club is holding its Oktoberfest event this Saturday (November 11) and will be holding a Christmas market from Friday, December 15 to Sunday, December 17.