CHRISTMAS decorations have been installed on two trendy city streets ready for Christmas.

Three Counties Christmas, a professional Christmas decorating company based in Worcester, installed the latest festive decorations on Friar Street and New Street.

Worcester BID is responsible for the infrastructure and installation of the year-round festoon lighting along the two streets.

The two roads are regularly decorated with lights throughout the year, with this year's Christmas decorations consisting of small presents hanging over passing shoppers.

Pictures of the new decorations were put online by Worcester BID, who praised the efforts of Three Counties Christmas.

A post from Worcester BID said: "A massive thank you to Three Counties Christmas for installing our Christmas presents on Friar Street and New Street.

"Looking great, both day and night."

For years Friar Street and New Street could not have Christmas lighting or bunting due to a lack of fixing points.

This is all about to change thanks to the BID.

According to Worcester BID, the festoon lighting on both streets is incredibly low in power usage, with the lights staying on for eight hours each evening.

Each bulb is less than a single watt, , meaning there is less than 1000 watts on the two streets, using less than 1kwh per day.

Samantha McCarthy, chief executive of Worcester BID, said: "We are delighted to work with a local independent family run business to create our fabulous displays down Friar Street and New Street.

"Following our popular displays with lampshades and our brightly coloured umbrellas we bring an element of sparkle night and day with our Christmas present display.

"Paul and Ali (of Three Counties Christmas) work hard to ensure our vision for the city is to the highest standards."

Worcester BID have said that the lights cost less than 80p per day to light the whole street, and the organisation has also funded the Christmas tree lighting in Broad Street and 'icicle' lighting in The Shambles.

Worcester BID have also commissioned, in partnership with Worcester City Council, The Hives Lantern Parade which will be taking place on theSaturday, November 25, as part of the light switch on.