CUSTOMERS will now have to bring their own booze to a curry house as rising costs would have seen them charged double for a drink.

A pint with a curry is a popular combo but staff at Altafs Balti on Tolladine Road have seen a 40 per cent increase in alcohol prices.

The rise would mean customers now need to fork out between £7 to £9 for just one drink.

Altafs Balti owner Nadeem Ahmed said the business was struggling with decreasing footfall because they had to keep increasing their prices to match rising alcohol rates.

But he said a decision to move to a bring your own booze model has seen customers return to the curry house.

"Imagine as a customer, popping into your local restaurant and paying £4 for a drink to be then paying £8 - and the business is not even making money from it," he said.

"Then, on top of that, the customer is no longer happy because you are charging double."

"Everyone is struggling, which is part of the reason we have done this.

"I have four children, and I am from Worcester, and even I am struggling.

"It is not just us as a business. It is everyone, and this is good for the customers."

He said the decision to stop selling alcohol allows the business to cut its prices for its customers as money is no longer being spent to compensate for rising alcohol prices.

He said the cost of living crisis meant everyone is feeling the pinch and raising the restaurant prices will not help its customers financially.

Customers visiting the restaurant can now only bring alcohol into the premises and a £2 corkage will be charged to the table.

"We are a family restaurant and do not want to push our customers away with high alcohol prices.

"We want them to eat with us. 

"So far, it is working really well and customers are happy about it.

"In fact, we are getting more tables being booked.

"If more businesses do this, it will be for the best because we do this for the local people.

"You cannot lose touch with the local community - no matter the circumstances."