THERE have been 12,000 illegal vapes seized across the county so far this year - prompting councillors to back a disposable vape ban.

This year, Worcestershire Trading Standards has been removing the illegal vapes in a bid to disrupt further sales.

The decision was made, as a notice of motion was raised on vaping. The notice of motion was brought to the meeting by the county council’s Unity Group.

It comes as the Local Government Association called for the Government to ban the sale and manufacture of single-use vapes by 2024.

Worcestershire County Councillors voted unanimously to support the disposable vapes ban at its November Full Council meeting.

The decision was made, as a Notice of Motion was raised on vaping.

The LGA has said it is crucial that the ban comes into effect rapidly. The EU has proposed a ban in 2026 and France is rolling out a ban in Dec 2023, and there is a risk that as markets close disposable vapes will flood into the UK.

It also highlights that disposable vapes are a hazard for waste and litter collection and cause fires in bin lorries.

Cllr Karen May, cabinet member for health and wellbeing for Worcestershire County Council, said: “It is fantastic to have cross party support here in Worcestershire about Vaping.

"Vaping can be beneficial for those attempting to quit smoking, but the support behind this motion shows that our county councillors are all concerned about the number of people vaping who have never smoked, and want to see substantial change in this area.

"Another area of real concern is vaping among young people, and the access they have to vapes. This is an area we have made real progress in and we are working closely alongside our Trading Standards team to ensure they have the support they need for this to continue.”

The motion also called for the council to continue to build on the successful enforcement work in this area, across the county.

The final part of the motion called for work to continue with schools to highlight the dangers of vaping for young people, and to promote the ways in which disposable vapes can be recycled.

Worcestershire Trading Standards advises and supports businesses, as well as working to protect consumers and the economy by ensuring there is a fair-trading environment.

*We were asked by Worcestershire County Council to add a line into this story after being published, stating that the decision was made as a 'notice of motion' was raised on vaping - which was brought to the meeting by the county council's Unity Group.