A LARGE plastic bull dubbed as a village's new mascot has finally arrived ready to take pride of place in a meadow.

Fernhill Health has welcomed a new life-size bull that has travelled all the way from Dundee in Scotland to the village north of Worcester. 

The bull, who still does not have a name, has been 'moving' around its new home in Bull Meadow, which is 22 acres of land bought by the community to prevent further housing.

Councillor Meg Farmer explained why they acquired the new bull.

"It is Bull Meadow, do you not have bulls on a meadow?

"If you saw him in the middle of the field, he looks real, he looks even better from a distance. 

"I think people are rather enjoying him.

Worcester News: Cllr Megan Farmer, Centre, is overjoyed with the Bull Meadow project so far.Cllr Megan Farmer, Centre, is overjoyed with the Bull Meadow project so far. (Image: Megan Farmer)"We are trying to find someone to come up with any name suggestions - appropriate suggestions, of course.

"He has got to have a name."

Back in the 1700s, the field where the cow now resides was known as Bull Meadow, but throughout the years, the name got lost and the land became more commonly known as "Lane off Sandy Way".

After councillors and the community bought the land, they brought the name Bull Meadow back and purchased a bull to fit the field's new title.

"We searched online for a bull which wouldn't hurt a person and now we have a bull on Bull Meadow and he moves gently around the field," she added. 

Bull Meadow - located just off the A38 before driving into Fernhill Heath - was originally agricultural land before residents took it over.

Residents donated money, while Claines Parish Council also paid a large sum towards the purchase and applied for grants.

The full total is believed to have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, though a precise figure has not been revealed.

Recent developments include a new path around its edges, a pond and planting an orchard that will grow locally named apples.

In the future, Hindlip Primary School will also be making beehives for the field to encourage more wildlife.