A DOTING father was shocked to learn his daughter was being rushed to A&E after a "serious" car crash while on shift at the hospital.

It was a tense wait for security guard Dany Fonseca after he was told his 13-year-old daughter Demie was on her way to Worcestershire Royal Hospital after a crash on the A4440 on Sunday (November 12).

Two adults from the same car were rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital with serious injuries while Demie and a boy were sent to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Worcester News:  Dany Fonseca and his daughter Demie. Dany Fonseca and his daughter Demie. (Image: Dany Fonseca)Mr Fonseca realised something was wrong after receiving a call alerting him to the crash while he was on shift at A&E. 

"I was there waiting for my daughter."

"All I was told was that Demie was okay.

"She was crying and hyperventilating and she would be taken to the hospital.

"I was stuck. I was desperate. I was waiting for her, and I had even tried calling her.

Worcester News: The car Demie and the three other passengers were rescued from. The car Demie and the three other passengers were rescued from. (Image: Dany Fonseca)"I was lost.

"When they told me that, I was in a panic. I did not know anything apart from she was in some accident.

"I kept trying to call everyone and go to the reception and ask but they did not know anything yet, it was not on their logs."

He said he received a call from a paramedic who had Demie in the ambulance and said she would be taken to the hospital where he worked.

Miss Fonseca was one of three people who was trapped in one of the cars in the crash.

She had whiplash, a broken tooth and several marks across her body.

Mr Fonseca said she had also received bruises across her body.

When looking back at the pictures Miss Fonseca's auntie sent him of the crash, he added: "When I saw those photos, and she was black with bruises, all my worst fears came to mind. I was in shock."

Worcester News: Demie was sent to Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Demie was sent to Worcestershire Royal Hospital. (Image: Dany Fonseca)He added that since the crash, there have been a lot of people who have been going out of their way to spread mistruths on social media.

Four ambulances, two paramedic officers, a Critical Care Car from Midlands Air Ambulance Service and the Midland Air Ambulance from Strensham were called at 3.44pm to the crash in Rushwick.

Worcester News: West Midlands Air Ambulance was on the scene.West Midlands Air Ambulance was on the scene. (Image: NQ)West Mercia Police is urging any witnesses to the crash to come forward.

Anyone who saw the crash or has dash cam footage should contact PC Allen by email at richard.allen@westmercia.police.uk or by calling 07773 043924.

Alternatively, people with information can speak to the independent charity Crimestoppers.

It is 100 per cent anonymous, they never ask for a name, and they cannot trace the call or IP address.

Contact them online or by calling 0800 555 111.